What is social commerce?

Social commerce is a term used to describe the services that companies and organizations provide to help consumers connect with them on social media. Understanding social commerce is important for users and businesses alike.

Social commerce has become an industry with a wide range of applications. It is any type of transactional activity that occurs between people and businesses that have a social presence.  For example, you could go on Facebook and like something while using it as a form of social commerce (like if you buy something through Facebook).

Social Commerce is a growing trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years.It refers to the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge on the internet. Nowadays for an e-commerce site to be considered successful, there needs to be an integrated social aspect. This helps a great deal in attracting new customers from social media channels.

Social commerce is all the buzz. Advocates argue that the only way to get customers back into your store and buying from you again is to offer social features. With social commerce, you can take your ecommerce presence and make it more fun, personal and engaging by having people interact with each other through social media as well as directly with your website.

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