How Sinja Promotes Sustainable Travel in Kenya

A conversation with Travel with Sinja.

Travel is meant to be enjoyable, memorable, and enriching. But across the world, resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Travel is not sustainable. When we travel in a way that exploits resources instead of protecting them, we’re doing it wrong. Some aspects of travel may take more upfront time, money and effort than other parts, but they will always result in a better experience and better stories. We might be able to enjoy a luxury hotel on our trip or two-story bungalow in Africa or the south pacific, but by focusing on the things that matter the most – enjoying local culture and truly connecting with people – travel can be both sustainable and rewarding.

Sustainable Travel is a powerful words that can instantly evoke positive images in the minds of travelers and all of us who travel, both for business or vacation. The words conjure up images of relaxed travel on warm sandy beaches, walking through tropical rainforests, camping beneath the stars in Africa…and much more!

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