Does VC Funding Help Startups?

VC funding has been sexy for the last couple of decades, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Can VC funding replace bootstrapping and other forms of startups? It’s an interesting discussion. Bootstrapping a business doesn’t mean you don’t need any outside help. It just means that you will get it from different places other than a Venture Capitalist. When is VC funding worth it then? This video explores whether or not you should take money from the VCs, when should you take money from friends and family (and how to avoid borrowing from your mom and dad), banks and alternative lender sources, and even when crowdfunding may be a viable option for your business. A lot of people ask me whether they should be getting funding. This video is one that I thought would help someone make up their mind as to whether or not VC funding is a good idea for them.

By The Kenyan Entrepreneur.

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